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Data de entrada: 26 de fev. de 2024


City Vocational Public School creates a nurturing environment that prioritizes both knowledge and essential values. Our young learners at CVPS Roots Kindergarten don't just focus on academics; they actively participate in activities that highlight the importance of respect, cooperation, and responsibility within the classroom. Watch the enchantment of learning unfold as the adorable CVPS Roots Kindergarten students showcase their charming actions while learning essential classroom manners! It's a delightful journey of discovery, where curiosity meets courtesy. Be a part of the best school in Meerut, celebrating the innocence and enthusiasm of our CVPS Roots Kindergarten students as they take their first steps in education with smiles, laughter, and a genuine love for learning. Explore the enchantment of early education at City Vocational Public School, where every little one is embraced on their educational adventure.


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