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Mastering Corner Kick Betting: Strategies for Success in Football Wagering 

The concept of corner kick bet

The corner kick bet is a form of betting in football where players don't need to concern themselves with the score or who wins or loses in the match. Here, players only need to bet on the number of corner kicks in a match or within a specific period, such as the first half.

Though not the primary type of betting in football betting like Asian handicap or European handicap, it still attracts a lot of attention and participation. When choosing this bet, bettors have diverse betting opportunities with various options and types of english football tips 

Some of the most popular corner kick bets today

The types of corner kick bets in football betting are becoming increasingly diverse and abundant, reflecting the betting preferences and interests of football fans. Here are some types of bets related to this category that you can find in current bookmakers.

Over/Under Corner Kick Bet

This is the most popular type that many people are interested in and participate in. When participating in this bet, players only need to choose whether to bet on Over or Under if the total number of corner kicks by both teams during official match time.

Over: You predict that the total number of corner kicks will be higher than a certain level set by the bookmaker.

Under: You predict that the total number of corner kicks will be lower than the level set by the bookmaker before the match.

For example: In a football match, the bookmaker sets the total number of corner kicks at 9 ½. If you bet on Over, you win if there are 10 or more corners in that match. Conversely, if you choose Under, you win when the number of corners ends at 9 or less.

European Corner Kick Bet

The 1x2 corner kick bet is also one of the favorite betting forms because it eliminates the handicap factors, making betting simpler and easier. This type of bet is similar to regular betting in Europe, with three possible outcomes: win, lose, and draw. This bet can be understood as follows:

The team with more corner kicks wins.

The team with fewer corner kicks loses.

Both teams have the same number of corner kicks: the result is a draw.

Corner Handicap Bet

This is a bet in football betting, where the team rated stronger by the latest football tips  will give the opponent (the lower door) a certain number of corners.

For example: Man City gives Man Utd a 1.5 corner handicap. This means:

If you choose Man City to win the bet, Man City must finish the match with at least 2 corners more than Man Utd.

If you choose Man Utd, you win the bet when Man Utd is only 1 corner behind, sometimes drawing or having more corner kicks than Man City.

Even/Odd Corner Kick Bet

You have to predict whether the total number of corners in the match will end with an even or odd number.

For example: If the total number of corners is 9 and you bet on Odd, you win. Conversely, if the total is 10 and you bet on Even, you also win.

Common mistakes to avoid when participating in corner kick bets

When participating in this betting category in football, players need to avoid some common mistakes to increase the percentage of winning.

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Lack of research

One of the common mistakes is not thoroughly researching the playing style, form, and history of confrontation between the two teams. This includes not updating information about player injuries or suspensions, or overlooking the weather conditions of the match.

Betting based on emotions

Betting based on emotions, following the crowd, or favoring a team without relying on research and analysis is a significant mistake in football betting. You should remember that emotions can blur decisions and lead to unfavorable outcomes.

Tips for accurately predicting corner kick bets

To accurately predict corner kick bets, you need to apply knowledge such as analysis, understanding of team playing styles, or factors that may affect the number of corner kicks in a match. Here are some tips to help you improve your prediction skills.

Analyze playing styles

Teams that play attacking football on the wings are likely to have more corner kicks.

Teams with ball possession near the opponent's goal area often have more corner kicks.

In the first 5 minutes of a match where the first corner kick is recorded, it can be predicted that this match will witness more corner kicks.

Conversely, if there are no corner kicks in the first 10 minutes, the match is likely to have fewer corner kicks because both teams are probing each other.

Follow statistical data

For this issue, players need to understand and consider the average number of corner kicks for each team in recent matches.

Furthermore, they should also consider the head-to-head record between the two teams and the number of corner kicks in those previous matches.

Consider the standings; teams needing points to avoid relegation or win the championship may tend to push forward, resulting in more corner kicks.

Team situation

The absence of key players in the lineup can affect a team's attacking or defensive capabilities, thus affecting the likelihood of corner kicks.

Tactical adjustments or lineup changes may alter how a team approaches the match, leading to various personnel changes that can influence the number of corner kicks.

Bet based on the final minutes of the match

When participating in corner kick betting, players need to pay special attention to the last 10 to 15 minutes of the match. During this time, due to the psychological pressure and efforts to win from both sides, there will be many opportunities to create corner kicks as players on the field are eager to score goals. Therefore, the number of rewarded corner kicks increases significantly towards the end of the match.

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Key points to remember when betting on corner kicks

When betting on corner kicks in football betting, there are some important considerations that experienced bettors and experts convey as follows:

Always pay attention to odds from bookmakers and combine them with fluctuations in the match to make the most accurate betting and predictions.

For matches involving two teams with different levels of ability, choosing Over in the over/under bet for this category will be a suitable choice.

Always keep a clear mind and be patient when participating in corner kick betting.

Join forums, groups, etc., to exchange and learn experiences from other bettors.


In the above article, we have introduced comprehensive information about corner kick bets. Hopefully, with this sharing, you can confidently participate in corner kick-related betting and achieve many splendid victories.


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